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Skyworth DVD 1050p Feb. 28th, 2008 @ 04:46 pm
Anyone know where I can find either just the remote control for the Skyworth DVD 1050p, or a universal remote with a compatible pre-programmed code for it?

1/8" diagram Dec. 28th, 2007 @ 03:01 pm
Does anyone have a good diagram of a stereo 1/8" connector inside the female port that shows where the connections to the three segments are? I am trying to fix the headphone jack on my mp3 player, and would really like to know where exactly I should look for peices bent out of place or something. Only the right channel is heard, sometimes in the right ear, sometimes in both. Thanks.
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Need a new reciever... Nov. 3rd, 2007 @ 03:23 pm
This community seems a bit dead, but I guess I'll ask anyway.

My old RCA/Pioneer thing is getting a bit long in the tooth, it's fritzing out on me sometimes and shutting itself down, and any time I hook surround speakers up it just makes it worse. I guess it's time for a new receiver...

I want to knock down all of my needs this time though, 7.1, HDMI switching, mixing, etc.

I have 2 HDMI devices, 2 Component/Optical input, and 2 Composite/analog 2 channel devices on my desk. What I really want is to be able to hear more than one of these at a time. My 2 computers (one optical, one analog,) for example, should always be mixed into the outgoing sound so I can hear whats going on with them. The PS3(HDMI)/Cable Box(HDMI/Optical/Component)/Gamecube(Analog)/Ipod(Analog) I would want to be able to mix in or disable as needed, along with selecting one video stream from those 4 devices.

I really want to get down to 1 set of speakers, instead of the 3 I now have on my desk. I also want to stop the madness when it comes to me forgetting to leave my selector on my PC channel when I go to sleep so my alarm will wake me up in the morning.

Is this something that already exists, or is it something I'm going to have to cobble together myself with breadboards and the like?
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Pimp my Smart Phone Mar. 12th, 2007 @ 06:42 am
Alright folks, I'm an AV tech who just got a Treo 680. What programs out there that I should look at?

Asking the LJ Oracle Jan. 23rd, 2007 @ 03:00 pm
I'm looking for a source for plastic par cans (38's prefered).


X-Posted, BTW
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» 8mm absolute beginner

I recently got a (working) Eumig S2 standard 8mm camera for the princely sum of £2... but can't find any info anywhere online about these beasts. Anyone here know anything about it or have any general tips for someone starting to muck about with 8mm?

(I also got a super-sexy Eumig projector for a similar sum. I am a lucky girl...)
» Freeware/Shareware
Anyone have any leads on freeware/shareware programs? I'm primarily looking for stuff realted to live sound & design, lighting design, & video systems.
» S-Video color trouble
Maybe someone can help me here. I have HP DV4000 series laptop and I just adopted a s-video cable from a friend. It works but my problem the picture comes into the tv black and white. I got it to be color once(don't know how) but the black and white slowly creep back into its place. So I went out and bought a new s-video cable but the picture still comes in black and white. I hope y'all can help me and thanks in advance.
» Checking out some leads...
Does anybody have any experience working with the following companies:

AVTek Staffing Services
Swank Audio Visuals
Bexel Video Production
Audio Visual Headquarters
VAE Visual Aids Electronics
» Save Public Access - Spread The Word!
Congress is fast-tracking a bill that would severely cut back on the obligation of cable TV companies to devote channels to public access and fund the facilities to run them. If you care at all about preserving these precious community outlets, go immediately to SaveAccess.Org for the latest information on the bill and how you can stop it.

Why is Congress trying to sabotage public access? Because telephone companies are getting into the business of providing TV services and they do not want to be bound by the same local franchising agreements that obligate cable TV companies. Under the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006, the phone companies would be able to establish national franchises, bypassing the local franchising process entirely.

Proponents of the bill argue it will create competition and bring the cost of a TV feed down. But consumer groups say that it will just terminate all the negotiating power of local communities over rates and services. While you can now complain to a New York-based company when your cable service goes on the blink, in the brave new world envisioned by the COPE bill there is no telling how your problem will be resolved.

Across the nation, this will be the end of what is called PEG TV—public access TV, educational access TV that allows for long-distance learning in isolated regions of the country, and governmental access TV that cablecasts local public hearings and meetings.

The COPE bill also contains two other sinister provisions. One ends “Net Neutrality” and allows Internet service providers like AOL to prioritize e-mails based on the sender’s willingness to pay. Another lets cable TV providers redline low-income communities that they believe would be less profitable to serve.

Read the full article here at FreePress.Net!
Go to SaveAccess.Org to find out what you can do to help!
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